[NTLK] Recommended Email Client

Greg Hankins greg at greghankins.com
Tue Nov 11 22:57:00 EST 2014

Hi Samir!

I have recently gotten MailV up and running on both my MP2000+ and my eMate, connecting via wifi.

I had no trouble with the software-only with my own failure to accurately enter the name of my SMTP server. You can-and I did-install a debug version of the package that will dump a log file info Notes.

MailV uses imap for incoming mail and smtp for outgoing mail. (If you want POP, an earlier version, called SimpleMail, can do that.)

Evidently, the Newton cannot do SSL, so you have to find a provider who offers non-SSL access. Earthlink is one option.

You can get either mail app from Simon Bell's site at NewtonResearch.org. There's even an excellent PDF manual.

Good luck!


Greg Hankins
Town Creek, NC
Mailed from my MP2000+

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