[NTLK] Should I Lie About My Handwriting?

Greg Hankins greg at greghankins.com
Mon Nov 17 23:54:00 EST 2014

Hi All!

I have reminded myself, using NTLK and my MP2000 manual, that, since I have told it that I print, rather than using cursive, my Newton is not learning my handwriting.

I have read that recognition is better when printing-and I have no other choice, having abandoned cursive years ago. But should I lie to my Newton and have it learn my non-cursive handwriting?

I ask, because a couple of letterforms cause persistent problems. For example, my lowercase "r" looks like a "v." And, even though "evvov" is not a word, my Newton is happy to pretend that it is.

My "a" is not a ball and stick, but the sort of "a" one finds in Helvetica. The Newton often Is not sure what to make of that.

Would switching to cursive help?

Greg Hankins
Town Creek, NC
Mailed from my MP2000+

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