[NTLK] OMP Upgrades

Greg Hankins greg at greghankins.com
Fri Nov 28 14:53:00 EST 2014

Hi All!

I am familiarizing myself with my newly-acquired OMP. In the process, I have realized that my beloved Original OMP-of the cracked screen - was actually an MP100, running NOS 1.3.

NOS 1.00 lacks letter by letter recognition, but I understand this is available in 1.3. I also gather that there are developer upgrades for the OMP that will take it to 1.3. I'd be interested in locating those, but have so far been unable to do so. Any pointers would bc welcome.

Similarly, I understand there is a 1.05 upgrade for the OMP OS, but I'm not sure what enhancements it might offer or where I might find it. I'd be grateful for tips and pointers.


Greg Hankins
Town Creek, NC
Mailed from my MP2000+

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