[NTLK] OMP Upgrades

Matej Horvat matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si
Fri Nov 28 15:16:12 EST 2014

On Fri, 28 Nov 2014 20:53:00 +0100, Greg Hankins <greg at greghankins.com>  

> NOS 1.00 lacks letter by letter recognition, but I understand this is
> available in 1.3. I also gather that there are developer upgrades for
> the OMP that will take it to 1.3. I'd be interested in locating those,
> but have so far been unable to do so. Any pointers would bc welcome.

All updates are on UNNA:


> Similarly, I understand there is a 1.05 upgrade for the OMP OS, but I'm
> not sure what enhancements it might offer or where I might find it. I'd
> be grateful for tips and pointers.

If your OMP has 1.00, install 1.05. If it has 1.10, install 1.11. They are  
functionally equivalent and add letter-by-letter recognition and reduce  
user memory by 32K to make it available to the OS (they might do more, but  
that's all I can find).


For the MP100, there's update 415333, which, according to the readme, does  

* Creating a repeating day note no longer displays an error dialog.

* The system is more reliable; -10606 errors no longer occur when you  
delete some types of information.

* In certain rare cases is was possible for the system to lock up when  
very low battery levels were reached. This will no longer occur.

* This update prevents you from loading packages that only work with the  
Newton 2.0 operating system. Previously, 2.0 packages could be loaded  
causing unexpected results.

* The MessagePad displays "Ink Text" (received via email from a Newton PDA  
that uses the Newton 2.0 operating system) as boxes.  Previously, an error  
message appeared.

* The MessagePad now converts unknown fonts when displaying text.   
Previously, an error message appeared.

* Attempting to beam owner information from a Newton PDA that uses the  
Newton 2.0 operating system  to your MessagePad (i.e. "Beam My Card")  
displays an improved error message.  Previously, "error -48006" appeared.   
Note: The data is still not transferred.

* When you try to erase a write-protected card that was formatted on a  
Newton PDA that uses the Newton 2.0 operating system,  the correct error  
message appears.  Previously, the "Are you sure you want to erase this  
card?" slip appeared.

* "Receive Beams Automatically" no longer causes severe battery drain.  
Previously it would leave the processor running until the MessagePad was  
reset or "Receive Beams Automatically" was turned off.

* The connection icon has a new option ("DOS or Windows 9600 serial")  
allowing a 9600 baud serial connection.  You  may need this connection  
type if you're using the Newton Backup Utility on certain Windows  
computers. See the documentation that came with the Newton Backup Utility  
for more information.  (Note: You only use the Newton Backup Utility with  
your MessagePad 110 if you're transferring information to a Newton PDA  
that uses the Newton 2.0 operating system.)

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