[NTLK] Difference between WritePad, WritePad Pro & PhatPad

Anthony Morrow morrowshouston at outlook.com
Sat Sep 6 04:39:24 EDT 2014

I've never used Phatpad, but I have used Writepad on the iPhone and iPad as well as Writepad Pro on the iPad. 

I just purchased Writepad two weeks ago and just last week found that Writepad Pro was on sale for $.99. I really liked Writepad and thought it was well worth $5 for jotting notes. The extra formatting options in Writepad Pro was icing on the cake. I am very pleased with the software and since IOS 8 will allow 3rd party keyboards, I hope Writepad is eventually developed for system wide input. Even if it isn't integrated system wide, it was a great improvement over the on screen keyboard for me. 

The HWR seems to be on par with the MessagePad and the correction options are great. Two thumb up!

Best regards,

Anthony Morrow

> On Sep 3, 2014, at 11:47 AM, Michael <mlheureux at online.fr> wrote:
> Has anyone on here used these three?  Its hard to tell the real difference
> from looking at their website.  Which one has the most Newton-like
> experience for writing notes?
> I was thinking of buying one of them along with an Adonit Jotscript...
> Anyone have any experience with that?
> BTW, PhatPad is on sale today for $1.99.

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