[NTLK] Proper terminal program?

Gregory Robertson altkb7 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 22 20:15:48 EDT 2014

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 From: "Matej Horvat" <matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si>
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 On Mon, 22 Sep 2014 03:18:54 +0200, Gregory Robertson <altkb7 at yahoo.com> 
 > Hi,
 > I am looking to kick my eMate 300 into high gear with
 some kind of  
 > terminal program. There is word that the PT100 program
 is decent, but it  
 > is no longer supported, cannot be registered and the
 Kagi page is gone.  
 > I would pay for it, but can't. PocketCall only has
 > Would anybody be able to provide any clues?
 > Greg
 Have you tried TermLimit?
 It's pretty basic (ASCII only), but freeware and has macro
 Matej Horvat
No I have not yet. But if you say it's ASCII only, then that kind of knocks it off for me. I'd like to have some kind of XModem support. Macros won't interest me yet. 

Any other clues? 


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