[NTLK] Defining the ultimate Newton

iSpinn ispinn at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 17:46:11 EDT 2015

How would our (your) ultimate Newton look, feel, and run, given that it
must install and run on currently produced hardware?

In your answer, consider issues such as

- Current chipsets,
- Is its functionality added in as a separate app, or not,
- Newt-hacking it so it runs solo with no other applications running,
basically on top of its own local OS,
- Recompilation requirements, if any,
- Einstein,
- Nice-to-have support from Apple,
- Future additions and developments to the platform,
- Could we live without it having a green backlight?

My reasons for asking are tactical. Fantasize away, but I hope the feedback
stays realistic.


Doug "The DOuGTrainer" Parker

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