[NTLK] Getting ready to part with Newton gear. Any advice?

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Tue Jul 7 19:07:38 EDT 2015

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> Can't wait to hear the software inventory!
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>> On Jul 7, 2015, at 09:59, Ken Rosen <kenrosen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all. My wife and I are finally ready to part with our many Newtons and
>> Newton s/w. We're both ex-Apple and I used to think I was one of the last
>> people living my work and home life on a 2100. Now I realize the community
>> continued.
>> We're starting an inventory - h/w from original MessagePad, through 120s,
>> 130s, and 2100s (if I can part with mine). Lots of software on disks and
>> PCMCIA cards, much of it on boxes and a few items still shrinkwrapped. I
>> promised my son whatever we make goes into his college fund if he'll do the
>> inventory..sigh, by taking iPad pictures and putting them into OneNote.
>> Any advice on the best way to communicate availability and sell? I figure
>> you've all seen many others go through this.
>> Thanks,
>> Ken

Dear Ken, 

It would be useful at least to some of us to know which continent you're on,
so we can assess whether we can afford the shipping.  I know there are some
things I'm still looking for, but they've been turning up in places where
the shipping would be almost as much as the item and I've had to do without.
Other times there's been no information about location.

To answer your question directly,  I just double-checked the NewtonTalk
pages to make sure my memory wasn't confusing us with any other group I'm
in.  if you go here:


 it says this:  

>   "Personal buy/sell messages are OK, as long as you are selling NEWTONS,
>   EMATES, or related accessories or software / services.  Not Macs, PCs,
>   furniture, or anything else.  We ask that you tag your subject line
>   appropriately depending on the type of message:
>   - [WTB] - Wanted To Buy (looking for some merchandies)
>   - [FS] - For Sale (private sale on the list, NOT AN AUCTION)
>   - [FA] - For Auction (auction on eBay)
>   - [FT] - For Trade (trade XXX goods for Newton or vice-versa)
>   Replies to for-sale messages should NOT be sent to the list."

If you follow that advice (when you're ready with your inventory) you'll be
able to relieve yourself of your Newton gear, and at the same time make some
Newtonians *very* happy.  ;-)

Hope that helps.  

Please note I've avoided suggesting that your being hasty and you should
reconsider.  I can't say I'll ever get rid of mine, but I'll respect your
choice ‹ and try to buy some of your gear if I can.




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