[NTLK] surprising Einstein stumbles ... hunh CHECKSUMS

howhardz at vcn.bc.ca howhardz at vcn.bc.ca
Wed Jul 8 13:01:48 EDT 2015

einstein checksums ==== = ====  =--=

||  posting re checksum for the flash file

   ° since installing some new & some
old versions of osx all on a single machine, I find that
Mac Einstein wishes to "save" a
new flash file rather than re-orient
to any older internal.flash from my
extensive past in running Einstein < from time
to time I duplicate my internal.flash file before I install more
packages ... my flash file can be seen as frozen in time >

   ° I today installed the newest
xcode kit plus a partition for
osx 10.10 that the kit requires
   ° these fresh compilations out of github did
not get me past my barrier; a
"cursory inspection" of the sources
suggests that a checksum will be
calculated during setup
   ° for sure, I would be willing
to force Einstein to swallow my
flash file, as in, fiddle my sources & recompile ... if
I knew where to look
   ° I am only slightly familiar with the sdk & I note here
that the sdk console spits out a few checksums during a run

   ° something is lurking somewhere in the shadows; I suspect/fear  a
Darwin "permissions" complication arising from these fresh OS

   ° as things stand now, I can
engage Einstein & pick up my flash file
running on top of Mac osx 10.8.5 and
not so on a fresh install of 10.8.0 nor on a fresh 10.10.4

   ° Aa can be seen, I am also unclear of the process
for registering an issue on github
   ° TIA for any suggestions ...


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