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Sylvain Pilet pilets at mac.com
Sat Jul 11 03:47:51 EDT 2015

Hi Greg,

We all had the disconnect problem with Newton. NDPS is not always the case. The problem is often the network connection, PCMCIA cards are very temperamental, and they were not designed to operate 24/24.
Personally, on my NPDS Newton (there are 1 online, and 2 others in local network), I use Wifi cards. They remain connected to several days on 24/24. All cards RJ45 I tried to drop out after a few hours (see below).
I've tried dozens of 3COM card (3C589C, 3C589D ...) and other brands Card compatible with Newton and NIE, neither take proper link 24/24. The single RJ45 network card that takes more than a day away, is the FARALLON ETHERNET PC CARD (EtherWave and EtherMac, PN: 16-0095-000) with its original cable.

But there is always a solution!
As said Morgan Aldridge, there is a package that NDPS call "NPDS Watcher". Who monitors whether your NPDS is still online. If NPDS is offline, so NPDSWatcher will either reboot your Newton, or restart the NIE network connection. But it works properly according to some settings NIE.

We need your NIE connection is automatic.
For this we must set your account in [Owner info].
We need the connection defines in NIE [Internet Setup] is properly added to your account « Home » (in [Owner Info]).
Otherwise the option rebooting of NPDS-Watcher will not work.

It is the NIE restart option of  NPDS-Watcher (No Reboot, only restart the connection) that is the problem Which does not work well with the wired RJ45 cards, mainly because RJ45 cards, not good and not release quickly enough connection. 
NPDS-Watcher asks the connection before the card is actually disconnected! This is the main cause.
With Wifi cards and driver WaveLan this function NPDS-Watcher work properly.

The Reboot function of NPDS-Watcher, poses no problem with RJ45 cards, but in that case, NIE is often unable to properly start the card RJ45

See link to my good NPDS configuration screenshot below.

[FR] Note aux Français de liste (Paul, Andreas, Bertrand…), mon anglais n’est pas très académique, si cela ne vous semble pas compréhensible, merci bien de faire les corrections nécessaires.

Sylvain Pilet

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Le 10 juil. 2015 à 17:11, Greg Goodwin <drclu at swbell.net> a écrit :

> Yep, down again after an hour and a half of being up.
> But NPDS Watcher... I will try that later on today.  Thanks!
> Doc Clu / Greg
> On 7/10/15 9:47 AM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:
>> Actually, this is a common issue with NPDS on Newtons. Are you running
>> NPDS Watcher to automatically reboot it when this happens? If not, you
>> can find it in the NPDS modules list:
>> <http://npds.free.fr/modules/#npdswatcher>
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