[NTLK] The Oasis-NDPS Server July 12, 2015

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jul 12 20:43:52 EDT 2015

Hi Greg

This also might be helpful:

It also has a download link to the freeware version of Hiroshi's driver.



	So with that I am working with some Lucent Silver and Turbo Silver
cards.  I could swear I had these working before under DHCP once before, but
now working for a manual and set IP address.  I think when I last had this I
arranged ... yes, I think I used a Airport with a open network link.  That
must have been how that worked.  Could still do that again I suppose.  But
to get a WEP setup I guess it requires a registered driver.  I have written
Hiroshi with the e-mail address I could find (ngc at ff.iij....jp) and at least
so far that e-mail has not come back.

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