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My colleague has an iPad and often gets a little envious of us as we scribble down notes in meetings with our Surface and ThinkPad tablets.  

He says he wants to do the same too and explains that he doesn't want to get a stylus for the iPad because it can't tell the difference between an accidental brush with his hand and an intended contact with the stylus.

Our Windows tablets use active digitizers that turn off the capacitative touchscreen when the stylus is within a few millimetres of the screen.

I'd be interested in hearing from other iPad users if they use a stylus regularly and whether my colleague's misgivings are unfounded.  TIA


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Hey everyone,

This is slightly off-topic, but I am looking for a good handwriting-recognition/note-taking app for my iPad.  I’d love to use one of my Newtons for the job, but unfortunately I need more functionality.  Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance, not only for any ideas, but for all the great stuff that goes on here!


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