[NTLK] [Spam] Re: [Spam] 2100 won't start

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Mar 29 21:14:32 EDT 2015

On 3/29/2015 7:11 PM, Lord Groundhog wrote:
> ~~~ On 2015/03/29 16:54, Dan at dan at dbdigitalweb.com wrote ~~~
>> ...
>> Oh another thing, if you have any cards installed, leave it without
> power
>> for awhile then remove the cards and try the above.  ...
> Let me second this point, not just because a card might be the cause of a
> problem, but because at least some kind of reboots seem able to mank a
> storage card.  
> It was back when I first got Newt, so I can't remember which reboot I did,
> but the apparent result was missing data.  Someone else here probably will
> be able to explain exactly what I must've done to get that result, but I did
> it in ignorance and repented at leisure.
> Now, anything other than a simple reset and I pull storage first.
> FWIW, YMMV, etc.  

True, I am betting you did the brain wipe reset.  While it is not
suppo9se to do anything to a card, I have heard very bad things
happening.  Or pressing and holding the reset button while cards are
installed.  Usually though it is safe, but there is that slight chance
something might go wrong.  Especially with ATA cards.  The older linear
with 5v read 12v write (or 5v/5v) seem to be very robust.  The 3v write
cards often are finicky in my experience.


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