[NTLK] Designing an Internal WiFi Board for MP2x00

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Mon Mar 30 16:59:33 EDT 2015

>Have you tried getting the power supply from somewhere else for testing? Som other source that is not interrupted?

Sadly, its an affordance I didn't consider when designing the board.  Granted, I could cut traces and such, but its not easily done.  Maybe I'll build a female breakout board and then I'll be able to splice in between the Newton and the wifi board to play around in that way.

I've been convinced that there is some way to tell the serial stack that you want the internal serial slot... But as of yet, I have been unable to find it.  Choosing kHWLocBuiltInModem ("mdem") as your kCMOSerialHWChipLoc gets you Serial3, but toggles the SerPortSel for the external port rather than the internal serial slot.

					kCMOSerialChipSpec is not well documented.  I had hoped fHWLoc might be the thing, but trial and error have failed on that front.   I don't see anything in the "Modem Configuration" sample code related to the internal slot. Maybe my belief that there is an endpoint configuration option is incorrect.

I've double checked my connections and I'm convinced that I have the CTS and RTS lines correct, and the buffers pointed in the right direction for each.

I've looked through my disassembly of the ROM and I see very few places that SerialPort3LineDriverConfig or WriteDIOPins are called.  Nothing obvious that I can chase down the rabbit hole, even.

Side question:

Does anyone know a Newton app out there that lets you monitor/toggle the RTS/CTS lines?  I'd like to avoid having to write one myself.

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