[NTLK] Development Tool "NewtonInspector"

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Fri May 8 20:40:50 EDT 2015

I posted to GitHub a tool I've been working on.  Its a Mac OS X native implementation of the NTK inspector.

You can find the source, screenshot, and more info here:

Its 32-bit only since Newt/0 is 32-bit only.

Its not exactly production quality software, but if you're developing for the Newton, it may come in handy.  It has memory leaks, unimplemented elements of the protocol, and likely crashes a bit.

Specifically, I added a "watch" function that first installs a package and then watches for the file to change.  If a change is detected, it will re-upload the new version.  This is useful to me as I develop in a classic emulator with a fileshare back to the Mac OS X host system.  When I recompile a new package in the emulator and drop the file on the file share, it automatically gets pushed tot he Newton.

Anyhow, if anyone else is out there and developing native native Newton software, then maybe this will come in handy.  (Though Einstein is probably good enough for most folks, but I was doing hardware related development on a real MessagePad)

Thanks to gnue, Steven F., Matthais, Victor and the rest of the folks from whom I stole--- er borrowed ideas and source code.


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