[NTLK] ROM Disassembly online?

Steven Frank stevenf at panic.com
Thu May 28 18:27:34 EDT 2015

Matthias & co.,

Wanted to follow up on this earlier email thread...

I'd be happy to help with your to-do list on this page:

https://github.com/MatthiasWM/dynee5/tree/master/Albert <https://github.com/MatthiasWM/dynee5/tree/master/Albert>

. . .

I already have newtonos.s as generated by Albert.  I gather from your readme that I should look through that for ".word"s that don't have symbolic information.

So, let's pick a real-world example at random.  Here's one at L00221F4C:

	.word	0x0001B68C			@ 0x00221F4C "...." 112268 (flags_type_arm_word) ?

My guess is that 0x0001B68C is a pointer of some kind, and it refers to this branch instruction in the jump table...?

	b       VEC_Dispose__5TUnitFv     	@ 0x0001B68C 0xEA6D09FF - .m.. 

I can see that L00221F4C is referenced in one place only: an ldr instruction in TStrokeUnit::Make(TDomain *, unsigned long, TStroke *, TArray *)

So, at this point I can make an educated guess that this word at L00221F4C is a function pointer to VEC_Dispose(...), and could probably make up a symbol name for it, or add comments to the disassembly...

But, say I did that... And I did it again for 100 more unknown words...  How do I now give this discovered information to you in a way that is helpful?  It seems we are still lacking a way to collaboratively annotate the disassembly.

What is the very next thing that needs happen to move this process forward?  A new Github repo that contains the annotations as generated by ROMCOM?


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