[NTLK] Proof of Concept: Moving data from Einstein to iOS

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Fri Nov 20 21:13:51 EST 2015

Spent some time tonight on this:  <https://twitter.com/AllAboutJake/status/667887215469592576>

This is a really ugly hack, and probably shouldn't find its way into the Einstein source tree.

Technical Details:

On the desktop, Paul setup libffi to allow you to call native libraries from Einstein.  This isn't implemented on iOS...  Instead, I just repurposed one of the libffi native function calls to pass data to the iOS UIActivityViewController.

To do this right, we'd need some native functions added to the NSRuntime native module for the purpose of passing data to iOS.  This is part of the Einstein REX.  I've never tried building this part of Einstein from source, and I don't know if my toolchain is even setup to do it properly.


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