[NTLK] OMP serial connection problems

William Maloney firedoorus at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 08:11:20 EST 2015

I’ll walk you through this as I am setting it up…

Okay, plugged in the Gigaware adapter. Every time – for some reason – Vista
“installs” the driver, recognizes it, and then finishes.

Sometimes I go into device manger to make sure it is still set at COMM1. I
think it changes if I shut the system down. Currently at the following
settings: 9600 baud, 8 Data bits, None Parity, 1 Stop Bits, Flow Control

Opening up VirtualPC version 6.0 (2007). Checking settings. VPC Comm1 is
set to Physical COMM1. Starting Win98. COMM1 settings within Win98 are

Newton is powered on. Trying to launch NCK right after hitting CONNECT. NCK
is programmed to ONLY communicate via COMM1 at 9600.

Launched at same time AND….Nothing. Nada. Phooey.

I don’t have the HyperTerminal program installed. Win98 is being a pain
with installing that add-on. Is there a way to see Newton trying to
communicate over the COMM port in Vista? I have PowerShell installed –
never used it before though…

I did try to install another package via Newton Press running natively in
Vista. Nada on that either.

Lastly, tried again to install a package via NewtonPress via VirtualPC. A
dialogue box did pop up THAT time: “There was an error trying to open the
following COM port on your physical computer: \\.\COM1   Before this port
can be connected to your virtual machine, you must verify that a device is
attached to the port, and that it is not being used by another process.” It
wasn’t so I just kept going, setting everything up via COMM1. Still

Also, is Newton supposed to automatically turn on when a cable is plugged
into its serial port? I seem to remember that from a while ago. It doesn’t
do that now.

Thanks for the help!

On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 1:55 PM, William Maloney <firedoorus at gmail.com>

> Okay, so trying to connect an OMP/MP100 to a Windows Vista Machine.
> Here is the setup right now.
> Newton ----> Serial cable ----> Gigaware USB serial adapter ----> USB port
> on Computer ----> Windows Vista running serial adapter as COMM1 via device
> manager ----> VirtualPC running Windows 98 ------> Newton Connection Kit 2.0
> There seems to be no connection at all. I have done this before on an XP
> machine and it worked fine a few years ago.
> Everything is set to run at 9600 baud.
> I tried connecting this machine to a Macintosh Classic II running NCK and
> it also failed.
> Beginning to feel it could be a hardware failure. I believe I recall
> seeing capacitor flux near serial port when trying to put alcohol on the
> power switch to keep the machine from powering off all the time.
> Any ideas??? Anyone willing to lend a hand? thanks

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