[NTLK] Proof of Concept: Moving data from Einstein to iOS

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Sun Nov 22 19:46:04 EST 2015

>>Building REX from scratch is quite difficult as you need the MacOS toolchain.

>I did manage to compile the network driver module for Einstein and link it into the REX, but I was not able to build a new Rex from scratch. Paul code is missing resource forks, and I don't remember if he was able to find them in 2013 when we tried all this.

Right now, I'm just repurposing the PrepareFFIStructure function in Einstein to pass data to iOS.  All of the existing plumbing is in place to do this on both the emulator side, as well as implemented in NSRuntime.

I guess this could be done "cleaner" by implementing a new native primitive and implement the a means of calling it in a separate ntkc module, complied in at time-of-use.  You wouldn't need to actually modify the REX.  I'm just not fully understanding what's going on in the Newton-side native code and how it generates an instruction that triggers a native instruction in the emulator.

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