[NTLK] Battery options for MP2100

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Nov 23 18:59:13 EST 2015

> I am new to the group


> I just won an auction for a gently used MP2100.


> It does not have a battery to my knowledge

If you see an empty slot at the bottom right-hand side, it doesn't. If you
don't, it has either a rechargeable battery pack or an alkaline battery

> can anyone recommend a good place to obtain either a battery that I
> can rebuild

These beasts aren't that difficult to come by. If you can't, I can sell you
a pack in unknown condition for 5 Euros plus what I pay for stamps.

"Unknown" means I have made sure it is OK physically, e. g. can be inserted
and ejected without a problem, but I haven't checked if, and how, it works.
In all likeliness it will be deep-discharged and the chances of resurrecting
it without replacing the cells will be approximately 0%.

What I pay for stamps depends on where you live. I'm in Germany.

Rebuilding is fairly easy. A detailed description is here:


This description is a tad outdated because it is easier to split the pack at
its seams if you are careful and thorough. Unfortunately, it is also easier
to ruin the pack for good if you are NOT careful and thorough.

> Batteries are selling for 75USD rebuilt with 25USD shipping which is
outside of my budget currently.

Depends on where you look. I usually sell them for approximately half of
this with shipping at cost, which is about 4 bucks or so. The problem at the
moment is lacking time and a growing list of people waiting for a pack...


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