[NTLK] OMP serial connection problems

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Nov 25 18:58:16 EST 2015

So far as running NTK in Vista, which option should I choose?
I was not able to install any packages via there, nor install 
the Toolkit App. No evidence of any sort of connection.

To the best of my knowledge you do not need the Toolkit app on the Newton to
establish a connection or to download a package. All you need to do is use
the Newtons built-in connection window. As soon as the "Install package"
menu item is no longer grayed out, the connection should be established.
Just out of curiosity: Why are you using an USB adapter in the first place?
Is your Vista, in which you are running the VM, on a PC host? In this case
you should have a physical COM port on the machine that you could use in



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