[NTLK] Newton items for sale

Christopher A Myers newtman at plumbrook.com
Sat Apr 2 22:20:08 EDT 2016

Hi everyone, 

Have a little project going and need to get rid of some extra Messagepad items. 

These will be going to eBay eventually but wanted to offer you first dibs on them. Let me know if you would like any of them and if you give me a reasonable offer, it will be hard to ignore. 

Boxed software:
Action names by Iambic
Fodors 94 Travel Manager by Starcore
Jigsaw Strategy by Starcore
Life Balance by Llamagraphics
Presenter Pad by Avalon
Pocketcall by Ex Machina (manual and disk only)
Great Meetings by Starcore (M&W disks only)
TapWorks by Avail (M&W manual & disks only)

Welcome to Newton VHS
Newton Print Pack - original packaging
Newton Fax Modem - original packaging
Message pad 110 charging stand
Original Newton MessagePad case
Spare screen door - Brand new in original apple service packaging
Box of19 eMate replacement pens multi color
Unopened eMate pen
Hayes Optima 336k PCMCIA modem
Newton canvas carry bag
Original MessagePad 2100 software CD
4 MB PCMCIA card Apple Newton card
32 MB PCMCIA card generic 
2 ClubPDA magazines
1 Newton Solutions Guide
Newton power adapter H1300 for 100-130 (works in 2100 too)
Lucent Wavelan Wifi adapter (works in Newton) - laying around somewhere….

1 Newton 2100 has no battery - rubberized paint has worn off on a lot of places, works great, screen cover works good no cracks.
1 Newton 2100 has battery that holds OK charge. Couple of scratches one on door. Screen door looks good. Works great. Includes original 2100 box with manuals dongle and connection cables, battery case, & power adapter.
1 Newton keyboard with case - leather where Newton sits has some wear. Keyboard and case are in good shape.

Other things considering on selling:
Battery tray
1 Newton 2100 in good shape, door works
Custom leather case with holder

Not necessarily Newton but QuickTake 150 camera in OK shape - camera only

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