[NTLK] Moleskin's digital notetaking

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Fri Apr 8 18:57:28 EDT 2016

Looks like they are using technology first commercialised by LiveScribe:

Ironically, even though there are still some gaps (like not being able to
write anywhere on the screen), the Windows tablet experience is the closest
thing to the Apple Newton UX, which depending on your POV, isn't saying that
it's good.  But from my POV, it's not that bad, either.

They just recently announced some changes to the gesture vocabulary that
brings it even closer to the Newton:

Tony Kan
New Zealand

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... and, what, twenty plus years after the 2x00, it still doesn't convert
from ink to text.

My kingdom for that right size

I wonder when someone's going to get it right--again--for the first time.



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