[NTLK] Internal WiFi Project

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Sun Apr 17 14:23:20 EDT 2016

>Can you check the level of SerPortSel0 during data transfer? In a perfect world, it would be low when transmitting data through the external port, and high when transmitting through SER-001. If it is low in both cases, then yes, we have conflicting outputs.

I'll do this test... But I just did another test which seems to confirm that both LTC's are active when using a SER-001.

I can swap the DIN connector (Apple Serial to RS-232 cable) from the SER-001 to the Dock Connector adapter and both work at the same time.  This was with PT-100.  I could both transmit and receive on both ports without disconnecting the connection in PT100 (or on the host PC).

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