[NTLK] OMP screen issue

Chris Wright chriswright at gmx.net
Thu Apr 28 05:51:30 EDT 2016

*drumroll* A real actual Newton problem!

I don't use my messagepads much but I occasionally fire them up and play with them for a bit. This time around however, my OMP has developed a screen issue where the elements flicker and the screen is only really viewable at lowest contrast setting. There are images here of the screen at both high and low contrast:



I have new batteries and backup battery; the only thing I noticed this time around was that the contacts in the battery carrier were a little corroded. The problem also happens on mains power so I don't think it's dodgy voltage from the power end. 
I've had a quick glance at the archive, but no posts jump out at me, so I'd be interested to know if it's terminal of fixable?


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