[NTLK] Bluetooth on 2100 (upgraded 2000) with Pico and Blunt

John Gamble johnny_gamble at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 22 05:39:54 EDT 2016

Hi All,

I have reached the end of my patience trying to get my Newton to recognise my Sphinx Elektronik bluetooth card. The seller assures me that the card works, so I'm trying to work out what's going wrong here.

I've read and followed the instructions on:

http://40hz.org/Pages/Blunt (primary source of instructions)

https://marc.info/?l=newtontalk&m=121736650408553&w=2 (historic posts)

https://systemfolder.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/newton-bluetooth-connection/ (a detailed blog post)

Notably I have a speed bump installed. However, it has been turned off for all of this testing.

I have installed a large combination of extensions including:

1. Blunt, Bluetooth Setup, Neo, NIE Nitro & Blunt, NIE Modem & Serial (the seller provided these on a memory card... I tried running them both off the card and on the internal memory... no dice! Also, this kept throwing errors on startup because I don't have NIE installed and well... can't get it installed - more on that later as it is of secondary substance)

2. Blunt 0.7.7, Neo 0.9.4, Nitro 1.1 (just to be the same as the archived post... no dice!)

3. Latest version of Blunt, Neo and Nitro (same as 0.7.7... no dice!)

The issue no matter what version I use is that I get error '-16022' when I click 'test' in Bluetooth Setup. A search for this error uncovers the following:


Description: Operation failed because a resource was not available
Category: Communications Tools Errors

This error usually occurs because of a bug in NewtonOS 2.1 where the system is unable to detect which slot a modem is inserted into. To fix this error, first choose a slot where you will always have your modem inserted. Then, go to the Prefs panel from Extras and tap on Modem. Change the Connect Using setting to either Right PC Card or Left PC Card, depending on the slot you've chosen.

My settings are:

- Device Location: Top PC Card (tried both, both work with memory cards BTW...)

- Speed: 115200 (tried them all, no difference)

- Driver: PICO card (again tried them all... no difference)


- The card powers on when I reset. However, this is just for the reset, and it VERY quickly turns off

- When I insert the card, there's no 'you have just inserted a card' message. I not this because (https://marc.info/?l=newtontalk&m=110934987912646&w=2) says '[w]hen I reboot the bluetooth card lights up - - and the Newt says a<https://marc.info/?l=newtontalk&m=110934987912646&w=2> communication card has been inserted. When I test the card - the light also comes on!'. For me this does not happen. If I insert a modem card then yes, I get the communication card message. Not with the Pico card though.

- The error is 'too fast'. My machine clearly isn't looking for a card... it just thinks there's no card inserted so goes 'ERROR... NO CARD!!' right away. There's no delay or 'thinking' about it, which I find strange (if I say that the card is internal or serial then it at least 'thinks' and then says 'no card found'). I suspect this means I might be missing a driver? Just a thought...

Anyhow sorry for the long post. I've just REALLY frustrated here (and have a screaming baby in the background, and a pile of work to do on my table). I feel like I've tried everything possible (can't think of anything else to try) so ANY suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

FWIW the seller has offered to exchanged the card (I have nothing wrong with them) but they are a long distance away. It would be 2 weeks for me to post it to them and then 2 weeks waiting for another to arrive.. and I want to be sure that I've tried EVERYTHING before I kick the bucket and say 'the card's broken'.

Thanks in advance everybody!

Kind regards,

John Gamble

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