[NTLK] Bootstrapping (late-to-the-game)

Jeff M. Fischbach, ABFE jeff at secondwave.com
Thu Aug 25 17:15:23 EDT 2016

Hi all! I've wanted a Newton since the day I first laid my hands on one in
the 90's. I was young, and poor. (Now, I'm old and poor.) But, I finally
got one (an MP2000). Unfortunately, it came with nothing, but an empty
battery holder, a stylus & ONE PCMCIA blank. But, it works great! Now, I'd
like to bootstrap it & put it on my network. Fortunately, I have the kind
of kids (pre-teen & teen) who really appreciate classic tech.

I was wondering if anyone is still lending bootstrap cards.

Hopefully, I'm not late, but rather early for the next Newton anniversary.

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