[NTLK] What is a bootstrap card?

Jeff M. Fischbach, ABFE jeff at secondwave.com
Mon Aug 29 20:12:12 EDT 2016

I just got back from the High School Robotics Class. (If you're so
inclined, you can vote for their case mod @ http://dreamchallenge.us/.
They're the RoboDox. A fully self-funded, self-governed, public high school
robotics team. They even recruit their own mentors.)

Anyhow, I laid out the Bootstrapping scenario for both the Newton, and an
Apple IIc, and let them theorize how they'd overcome the technology gap,
and then how they'd integrate each device with modern networks. The
brainstorm was fascinating. Without any prompting, one student asked, "Does
it have any form of removable solid-state memory?" I think they're going to
enjoy this.

Thank you Ron, for getting us going!

Are there any wifi cards that have been particularly successful in the
Newton, or any to stay away from?

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On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 9:09 AM, R A Parker <RAParker at newted.org> wrote:

> On Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 11:48 pm Grant Hutchinson wrote:
> > Do you have this documented on your
> > site? For some reason I can't seem
> > to locate it.
> My NPDS is down but the (newted.org) readme.html looks up-to-date and
> there is also a list the files at the bottom:
> <http://www.newted.org/raparker/Y2010/readme.html>
> Quickest way to create a Lender Card is tu use a Mac running Classic Mac
> OS 7, 8, or 9. You'll need (un)Stuffit 7 and Newton Connection Utilities to
> restore the backup file.
> <http://www.newted.org/raparker/Y2010/Y2010LenderBackup.sit>
> My original Lender Card was actually created by setting the Newton's date
> (first to January 10, 2010) and downloading packages into the inout box
> using Newt's Cape.
> I changed the date on my Newton before downloading each group of files.
> This placed similar files together in nice groups since the default
> sort/overview order of the inbox is by date.
> Packages in the inbox can also be beamed to other Newtons but be aware of
> available storage space on the default (I'll emphasize internal) store.
> Ron
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