[NTLK] Dev question: tips for routing data?

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Thu Dec 15 22:06:54 EST 2016

I've got my Newton dev environment set up and have documented the soup
structure for a Newton app I want to export data from (TimeReporter), so
I've been reading up on routing and looking at how IC/VC implements its
import/export. I see a couple options (roughly ordered by my current

1. Create a new app to run the reports on the data that I want, put it
together and route it in the formats I want (initially CSV/TSV, but maybe
others later).

2. Add support for the routing formats to IC/VC (though I don't feel it's
generic enough to warrant that).

3. Create a package that overrides the built-in routing methods/formats or
adds new ones directly to the app. I'm not as sure of the process for this,
though I know it's pretty feasible in NewtonScript.

Are there any other methods that I've not thought of and should consider?
Any votes for or against the options I've listed?

If I go with building my own reporting app that does the routing, can I use
the same format types that are already implemented and will those show in
both apps (mine and TimeReporter)? As mentioned, I'm planning to start with
CSV or TSV, which is a text format, so those should route just like any
IC/VC-supported format (e.g. through mail, OBEX, etc.)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and wisdom you can pass along,


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