[NTLK] Remind me to try compiling Einstein on my RPi

John Gamble johnny_gamble at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 29 12:16:27 EST 2016

I don't wanna get people's hopes up (I'm no elite coder) but I have a few RPis and a capacitive touch screen for them floating around from another project. I can picture a day when it's simply gonna be too hard to keep fixing my Newtons... be great to be able to recommission some old shells using RPis. 

Isn't the author on these lists? Maybe s/he is in a position to comment on the Linux port? I remember people talking about the Android port a little while back.

If nobody has tried to compile Einstein by Wednesday next week, I'll have a go to at least confirm whether/not this will work out of the box. I have a short overlap where I'm not back at work but my kids are in childcare. Definitely can't do any coding, but I can try to compile it out of the box, and jiggle around if need be.

>From their website:
>>> Einstein officially runs on OS X with partial support for iOS, Android, Linux and Windows. Currently, it requires a ROM image dumped from an actual Newton (not included in this repository).

Partial Linux support (and Android support - suggesting ARM compatibility) sounds promising. However, there's a current pull request for Linux saying something along the lines of 'it compiles but...'

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