[NTLK] Wireless Cards - Lucent

Doug ispinn at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 17:09:34 EST 2016

> What does the router settings need to
> be for the Lucent wireless cards to work
> with them?
> Doc Clu

Others more on the ball on wireless communications, please chime in.

I remember learning that different hardware have different abilities
along the chain. Some cards support only WEP, some can be upgraded,
some are stuck in old ruts and cannot be upgraded.

The Lucent cards, IIRC, are stuck at WEP level encryption.

Somewhere, someplace, is a simple diagram showing hardware and
software used in the (infinite) combinations of different devices and
SW through the communications chain, showing what each device and
software (OS, extension, DLL, etc.) supports, and which can and cannot
be upgraded.

I haven't found that diagram, yet.


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