[NTLK] The Oasis NPDS - New Additions

Greg Goodwin drclu at swbell.net
Fri Feb 12 08:55:33 EST 2016

Good morning,

     I had some fun last night cleaning up the look of the Oasis.  And 
inspired by Gengis Wong's NewtServer, I have added a Youtube embedded 
window for some Oasis music.

     The goal, if possible, is to create a window to the (Youtube) Oasis 
music playlist for visitors.  Would like the playlist to be shuffled.  
However, couldn't get that to work in the window so the playlist link 
was added below the Youtube window.

     Did other minor changes to spruce up the appearance.   Now if I can 
get it where it is not down 15 minutes out of every hour.  :P   Will 
work on that next.

     Come check it out and chat in the Oasis Lounge...

http://oasisnewt.ddns.net:8080/  or

106.1... The Oasis.

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