[NTLK] Dell TrueMobile 1150 won't work with Newton

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Feb 28 18:53:08 EST 2016

While I do not have this card a couple of things come to mind.  Did you
make sure that the AP does not have any encryption going?  Most
encryption methods (except WEP) are incompatible with the newton.  First
I would try not having any encryption going on at all and see if that
works.  I also would make sure that the SSID is being brodcast (there is
a option in the AP config to not broadcast the SSID), while that
shouldn't make a difference, it is one less possible problem.

Are you sure the card works?  Do you have another piece of hardware you
can test it on?


On 2/28/2016 6:28 PM, Piotrowski Paweł (Newton) wrote:
> Hi Guys!
> I have problem with WiFi card DELL TrueMobile 1150. This card is on the WiFi compatible list. After setup, Newton see this card (I have window with card name), but card can’t contact with AP. I have both LEDs blinking (In Lucent cards language there is some problem to recognise SSID).
> I don’t know how to resolve this problem. Any help?
> Best regards,
> Pawel Piotrowski

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