[NTLK] MailV and AIFC / Newton frames

Tim tim at aaack.org
Wed Jan 6 00:05:23 EST 2016

Hi Simon, thanks so much for your response.

On Jan 4, 2016, at 6:23 AM, Simon Bell wrote:

> For an audio Note, the routing slip Format picker lets you choose whether to send a .nwt attachment (Sound Frame Format) or .aifc attachment (Audio AIFC).
> A .nwt attachment is a Newton Streamed Object File (NSOF) of the Notes frame. Decoding NSOF is relatively easy, but you’d need to extract the sound data from the |SoundPaper:NSG|.soundData.sounds slot and munge it into AIFC or whatever. It was meant as a way to send audio Newton -> Newton.

I would be happy to do that if it is not too difficult, but it sounds like NCX would make this a heck of a lot easier -- if I knew how to use NCX properly.

> I can’t think why if you’ve chosen Audio AIFC format Mail V is still sending a .nwt attachment. I’m looking at an OutBox entry I created just now with Mail V v5.2.2 and it definitely has an AIFC attachment, but as I say until I get NIE to recognise my ethernet card I can’t verify that it actually gets sent as such.

Yes, I definitely was choosing AIFC.  Both it and "Sound Frame" send as .nwt attachments.  

A view inside the .nwt as sent with "AIFC" does reveal some text to indicate that it is something like an 8 KHz AIFC file, but it still seems to be encoded in some kind of Newton paper roll / soup format I don't fully understand.

> As an alternative, if you have a Mac you could use NCX to back up your Newton, then drag audio Notes onto the desktop where they get dropped as AIFC files.

Thanks.  I used NCX 2.0.4 as I am still on 10.6.8 and did not see any way to do that.  Does this require a newer version?  If not, I can try again.  I maybe did not try dragging a Notes item, though I did try various other forms of clicking.


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