[NTLK] Newton gateway idea

Elias Basse kd5jfe at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 09:32:19 EST 2016

Would a small form factor similar to a mifi or small cellular router with
an internal battery be a better idea?  It would be another device to charge
but could wifi to the newton and be kept in a pocket.

I do this already with a beagle bone and have a vnc with custom resolution
size to fit the newt for modern browsing.  Smaller than a deck of playing
cards and could last for about 12 hours on a 1s lipo.

It certainly works well although a bit clunky for the interface.  A serial
communications channel could be opened via network similar to wifi docking
for tighter integration with internal apps.

With this all the apps in the world can be available such as email, web,
gsm, etc without lag because it runs on the external processor.

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