[NTLK] Newton gateway idea

David Arnold davida at pobox.com
Sun Jan 10 17:19:21 EST 2016

> On 11 Jan 2016, at 08:16, Grant Hutchinson <grant at splorp.com> wrote:

Hi Grant,

>> I have somewhere (in a box in storage) a PCMCIA VGA adaptor (called the EZ2VGA, I think) that works with the MP2k.  IIRC, it required a NOS driver to make it work, and it wasn’t simply a matter of showing the Newton’s screen on a VGA, but I don’t remember clearly. I guess it’d be technically possible to follow a similar route to achieve this.
> I own a number of EZ2VGA cards and that's exactly how they worked. In fact, the EZ2VGA was a simpler version of the EZ2TV card, which output VGA, composite, and S-Video. The NOS driver package was called EZShowCard.
> http://glossary.splorp.me/terms/ez2vga

That’s right — I remember using the presenter’s UI on the Newton to drive an external projector.  And I had some software that allowed construction of presentations on the Newton itself as well IIRC.

So … I think that's likely a dead end for accelerated VNC, sadly.


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