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"Piotrowski Paweł (Newton)" newton at indigi.co.uk
Mon Jan 18 18:50:13 EST 2016

Hi Paul,

If you decide to selling, I can adopt them ;) I’ll be good for them and take care of them ;) I promise! ;) They will have a good life at home, with brothers ;)

Pawel Piotrowski

My NPDS Server: applenewton.co.uk

On 18 Jan 2016, at 03:22, microssg at comcast.net wrote:

> Hello all of my old friends... 
> I'm trying to decide what to do with all of my green friends. I'm contemplating keeping them all or selling them, it's a excruciating decision. I have 120s, 130s and 2100s, not to mention the US converted Siemens NotePhone. 
> In a recent move, I found them and feel like I should start using them or sell them to someone who will. As you might imagine, it's a painful decision. 
> Paul 
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