[NTLK] Internal WiFi Project

"Piotrowski Paweł (Newton)" newton at indigi.co.uk
Wed Jan 20 18:20:34 EST 2016

Hi Guys!

My PCBs ordered some time ago just arrived. I already know that I’ll have a problem with WiFi module and connector. The rest of the components, I can easily buy from your local dealer.

The connector is unattainable even in warehouses. Do any of you would have maybe a few pieces that could resell to me?

Jake, is it possible to find some equivalent of a WiFi module, which is possible to get it in Europe? Or maybe someone have couple to resell to me too?

Pawel Piotrowski

My NPDS Server: applenewton.co.uk

On 3 Jan 2016, at 19:34, Jake Bordens <jake at allaboutjake.com> wrote:

> I'm glad folks are interested in doing a run of these.  A few thoughts.
> - I made my boards at itead.cc.  They're under 5cm x 5cm and I'm happy to send the exact zip file that I used to get the boards made if it will help.  There are plenty of places to get low-quantity boards made at an affordable price.
> - I assembled 3 of these by hand over the course of the project.  I'd have to say that it was stressful because of the placement of the small SMT components by hand.  Each time it came out of my reflow toaster oven, I was surprised that it actually worked.  Real pick and place tools would probably help in this regard
> - I used a stencil made at oshstencils.com to apply the solder paste.  I wound up using a light adhesive spray to stick the stencil to the board and apply the solder paste with a flat scraper.  I know that this isn't the way that you're supposed to do it, but it is what made the best application of solder paste for me without smudging.
> - For those who may be wondering, its best that these are assembled outside of the USA and shipped to folks that are interested in them.  The modules are classified as 5A002A.1, and I'm unclear of the export regulations.  I actually emailed someone government export expert to ask what's allowed, but it'd be better if they're assembled outside the USA without being encumbered by US encryption law.  Regardless, it is something I don't want to get involved with and risk an infraction.
> - You'll want to get some antennas as well.  I used a 960-FXP75070045B which is the smallest antenna I could find, and I don't really think it is meant for Bluetooth though.  960-FXP840.07.0055B is slightly larger, and is intended for WiFi.  They also sell a ConnectOne module with an on-board chip antenna.  I haven't tried one of those.  The inside of the case is coated with a metallic coating, so it makes antenna placement tricky, but it may be close enough to the top edge of the case, which is not shielded in the area of the dock connector and power port.
> Jake

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