[NTLK] Cursive Writing Recognition and Microsoft

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Sat Jan 23 03:24:11 EST 2016


I’ve been looking into what happened and to see if anyone can confirm. I know Jobs killed the Newton when he got back to Apple, and made a deal with Microsoft to ship Internet Explorer with Macs. He also took an investment from Microsoft. 

When Inkwell showed up in OS X Jaquar on the Mac some years later, it gave the Mac the functionality to recognize printed text and convert it into typed text. However, what was absent is Cursive recognition. Did Microsoft get the exclusive rights to the cursive recognition engine or simply buy it? 

Interestingly, the print recognition in OS X Inkwell is a port from Newton: the settings in System Preferences are effectively the same as they are on the Newton OS. But again, Cursive recognition is absent. 

I seem to recall discussions about Cursive recognition existing within Windows and that perhaps even the cursive recognition on the MS Surface is, in fact, from the Newton. 

If this is the case, it would seem to fit since Gates was bullish on stylus-driven tablets and made a real run of it in the early 2000s. Not to mention Windows mobile back then and how the stylus featured prominently on it as an input method. In other words, I could see Gates seeing value in the cursive writing technology back then.



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