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Forrest newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 20 02:12:26 EDT 2016


There were 4 ROM options for the IIc--I have the next-to-last version (ROM 3), which introduced support for third-party expansion cards. Unidisk support (3 1/2" drive) had debuted with ROM 2, although mine still has a 5 1/4 drive...and yes, I do make use of it.

I transfer software to the IIc from my 15" AlBook G4 using ADTPro, which has worked exceptionally well. I don't know if you're aware of that option...basically I download Apple II software from various FTP sites and then port it over.

I also have a IIgs with two external drives, a 5 1/4" and a 3 1/2", so I've had the latter choice as a more modern option. Still, stupid and archaic as it might sound, I get kind of a thrill using the 5 1/4 disks. I had to search on eBay for a good deal on boxes of blank floppies (some of the prices are ridiculous!), but it takes me back 30-40 years.

I ended up with four IIc's...the first (original) one was very yellowed and had the nonfunctional keyboard. The other three resulted from first making an offer for a single machine on eBay; then bidding on an auction that featured two more. I won that auction and my bid was subsequently accepted--PRESTO! Unexpectedly, three machines!

One of them had an unexpected surprise: an Applied Engineering Z-RAM Ultra expansion card. I cleaned up, fixed and sold two of the four IIc's (first is parts machine) and kept the best one ("Platinum" color scheme with no yellowing)--I installed the Z-RAM card in it. I've become quite enamored with it.

I think overall IMHO you'll find it a bit easier if you can at least access those two drives--should you need to in the future you'd have that option. There are few enough options for these machines now anyway.


On Jul 19, 2016 6:49 PM, Ross Deihm <adventuresindining at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Forrest, I did see those ebay listings, but when one key is bad 
> you tend to laser focus! I'm leaning toward the part machine as well. 
> The case on this one is pretty yellow, so extra parts sure cant hurt! 
> Out of curiosity, are you using the orginal disk drives or a flash 
> card adapter for software? This unit has the dou disk drive, but I 
> wasnt planning on messing with it. 
> On 7/19/16, Forrest <newtonphoenix at mindspring.com> wrote: 
> > Hi Ross: 
> > 
> > I'm responding on NTLK so that others might add their thoughts as well. 
> > 
> > I just did a quick search on eBay for "Apple IIe", which provided listings 
> > for a couple of complete keyboards, as well as one for just the keycaps. 
> > 
> > However, perhaps you'd consider purchasing a IIe listed as a parts machine. 
> > 
> > For almost 10 years I'd been looking for a replacement keyboard for my Apple 
> > IIc. The whole part was bad--most but not all keys worked--and even after 
> > many attempts at cleaning it (including yes, the dishwasher!) I decided it 
> > was not salvageable. A few months ago I decided to just "bite the bullet" 
> > and find a parts machine on eBay, which also provided me with other parts 
> > for any future needs. 
> > 
> > I would suggest you do the same. 
> > 
> > Depending on your budget you could probably get a compatible IIe for parts 
> > for $50 or less. You'd also now have a source, however incomplete, for other 
> > needs in the future. 
> > 
> > Hope this helps. 
> > 
> > Forrest 
> > 
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> >> On Jul 18, 2016, at 7:20 AM, Ross Deihm <adventuresindining at gmail.com> 
> >> wrote: 
> >> 
> >> Just exhausting all my sources here. I'm restoring an Apple 2e and am 
> >> looking for a backspace key. This is the later revision (86) that had 
> >> the reset button on right hand side the larger backspace button. If 
> >> anyone has one they can part with for a reasonable price, I would be 
> >> most shocked and appreciated. 
> >> 
> >> Mice and Joysticks are always on the list too, but I may not be able 
> >> to afford those! 
> >> 
> >> Thanks. Email me off list. 
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