[NTLK] The Oasis NPDS update

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Sun May 22 03:13:13 EDT 2016

Ok, I have tried to stay upbeat about this, but the spammers are hitting my NPDS site so much it causes error messages and interfere with the Watcher program and the site crashes.  And stays down.

I am frustrated. 

I have worked hard to get this up and going.  Sylvain worked hard to make it a beautiful website.  I simply wanted to make a fun little site.  The Newton MessagePad is simply not up to the task of taking hundreds of spam messages in a day.
I am going to have to get rid of the Whiteboard feature for people to write on the board.  There is no Captia feature to secure messages and I certainly see what web forums have that annoying feature.  There are people out there that take advantage of the good nature of people.
I SERIOUSLY would like to borrow a page from Jay and Silent Bob in dealing with the spammers.  (Warning, the following clip does have strong language)
Until the Whiteboard feature is disabled, or made more secure with the Captia feature, the Oasis is down.  : /

Doctor Clu

On May 21, 2016, at 12:02 PM, Doctor Clu <drclu at swbell.net> wrote:
(Ok, don't write protect your memory card.   Worked for a bit but eventually the errors caused by the spammers writing and it not being able to save crashes the Newton.  And now we know.)

So we have retooled the Oasis.  First off I have shuffled the playlist a bit so more new tracks to welcome you.

The Whiteboard area is a catch-all area now for those enthusiastic writers who like to write up several hundred messages a day.  ;)   (The spammers).  Basically it all goes to my PCMCIA card and I just hit "erase card" every now and then and that is that.  :)

If you would like to give listener feedback, page me!   Or you can write me on the Newtontalk list!  

Enjoy this Oasis of smooth jazz and new age music!  :D

Your DJ, Doctor Clu

On May 20, 2016, at 12:43 AM, Doctor Clu wrote:

Hey all,

 Well, I suppose the challenge of anyone who runs a server are those that get on list of the spammer.   A lot of servers have a way to identify spammers and block them out, but the Newton does not have that capibility.

 What the Newton DOES have is a write protect switch on the PCMCIA card.  :D   So right now the server cannot accept new messages on the message board, or even serve up the existing messages in read only mode.  But the the webpage is just fine, and still serving up great jazz and new age music!  :D

 Until we find a better solution, that is at least something.

 Doctor Clu
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