[NTLK] Einstein news?

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Wed May 25 13:12:53 EDT 2016

> - The Storyboards version of the iOS build does not have this issue, so maybe this should become the "official" iOS build.  It seems stable.

I am fine with this.  I was careful to not break any of the existing builds, and you'll see some #ifdefs to work with NIBs or Storyboards.  We could probably clean those out as well.

A side note, the objective-c bridging up pull request is also pending merge.  I have a hard time merging my own request, but there are automated tests included so it should test itself.  Also a new splash screen I drew myself with the Apple Pencil, but based on what I see on Twitter, one of us is an artist...  (Hint, not me)

> It's really cool that we can re-assemble a working ROM from Albert's disassembly.  I know the end goal is to have it produce compilable, relocatable C code.  I'd love to help with this, but what I'd need the most is a complete step-by-step tutorial of decompiling and single ROM function to native code and patching it back in at runtime in Einstein.  I just don't know what the process is, and I'm having trouble figuring it out from the existing documentation.

I played with the retarget function of the debugger but anytime a function makes use of the MMU, you run into issues. Most code paths run into the MMU eventually, so generating stubs with the rt/cjit command will only get you so far.  That's about the extent of my knowledge.

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