[NTLK] Einstein news?

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Wed May 25 15:05:02 EDT 2016

I'd wager the project changes are not important, assuming you get the files added to the targets.  The Travis stuff has been superseded as well, by fixes in the main branch.

 There's a newtonpkg there too to enable the iOS share sheet from the Newton's routing menu so you can email notes and such. 

The Einstein sketch was just me being silly.  I was tired of the blank launch screen.  Again, an easy thing to back port into your new project file, though not critical.

> On May 25, 2016, at 15:01, Steven Frank <stevenf at panic.com> wrote:
> Aw nuts. 
> It looks like most of the source changes can be merged without much trouble.  It's the project changes that, as usual, are the troublesome ones.
> I think I can probably get these to merge if I'm careful...  Lemme check it out.
> Steven
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