[NTLK] MP 2000 resurrection

Robert McRudden mcrudden at live.com
Thu May 26 15:42:45 EDT 2016

Hi All,Somewhere on the internet I stumbled upon an article from Wired in 2013 showcasing people who still use their Newtons (http://www.wired.com/2013/08/the-newton-lives/), and was inspired to join your mailing list and bring my old MP 2000 out of retirement. I bought it used when I was in highschool, with a keyboard. Never bought any software or other accessories for it. Used it for writing school assignments. Now I intend to load up, max out, and make it do everything I couldn't when I was too young/broke to bring it to its full potential. Could you kind folks please send me your recommendations for what must-have packages I should install, and what the most fun modern-world uses are for these gadgets?. Also, (1) what's the best way to interface with a modern Mac? I have both the original Mac and PC serial cables and a couple dongles. (2) I seem to be unable to make it accept the current date/time. Is this a known bug that can be fixed with a software update somehow?


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