[NTLK] Newton history and HWR ability

Doug ispinn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 15:29:32 EDT 2016

Ken R. wrote (edited):

> Steve was on a stage at an event. Someone asked about
> Newton. He said something like, "I don't understand why
> anyone would want a sort of scribble pad."

Steve, Steve, Steve. Was that assessment an accurate and thorough
representation of everyone else's (the world's) desires, or was that
just your opinion?

*sigh* We'll never know.

> Mike, you're right. By the end, recognition was fantastic.
> How sad that it never really recovered in the public's eye
> from the early (well-deserved) Doonesbury parodies.

The HWR of the pre-2x000 models were not as good as the 2x00. The HWR
on the 2x00 was amazing.

> ...the robust 2100.

Yeah, exactly.


The blinders-adorned media loved the "Eat up Martha" HWR blunder. It
established an unfortunate, public, knee-jerk reaction to all of
Apple's valiant, future efforts to further their PDAs. The upcoming,
robust 2x00 never stood a chance against that public brainwashing by
the media.

The media's inability to budge itself out of that corner (and dare I
say from the public's now long-established recollection of how things
*really happened*) keeps itself and the public trapped in the mire,
misdirecting and manipulating the masses into prejudging the robust
HWR of the 2x00.


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