[NTLK] How bright is a (well-preserved) eMate's backlight?

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Fri Apr 7 01:02:11 EDT 2017

Hi Nick

Welcome.  A new backlight should be reasonably bright and distinct in a
normally lit room but your normal could be different from my normal.  Normal
means a 100W incandescent bulb hanging 5-6 feet above the eMate with no
other lighting.  Incidentally I try not to have my backlight on at all
because I know that it will degrade with use.  

For this reason I use the Casual font and rely on ambient light and the
contrast between the characters and the grey background for readability.  I
only use the backlight in a dimly lit room.  If I print a document, I switch
to a font that is less profligate on toner.  



New Zealand

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Hi all - first post here:
I've just bought an eMate off eBay. Being a complete novice to Newtoniana,
and having grown up never seeing EL backlights before, I'd like to ask: how
bright is a a well-kept backlight? The green glow on mine is barely visible
above the LCD grey in a well-lit room. (This dates me as very young, but the
backlight's brightness is a little jarring to someone who's grown up being
told that that backlights are for equalising screen and room brightness in
order to stop yourself squinting.)

Second, has anyone ever tried a NewtonSales white backlight? The website
claims it's fairly "modern", but I don't know what to expect brightness-wise
from it.

Thanks - Nick.


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