[NTLK] Requiring registration to download?

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Apr 9 19:20:07 EDT 2017

What surprises me is why they would even bother.  It is not like
interactive fiction is the 'in' thing right now.  And nor are you at the
top of a search of interactive fiction (unless you search interactive
fiction newton, then Newton City is at the top of the list).

Also can there be that many bots wanting interactive fiction to download
every day?  Just seems a bit weird to me, but I agree if you have a
simple log in to download that is okay.  Not ideal, but you can't have
bots sucking all your bandwidth either.

But I will say you go a bit overboard with the password requirements.
Also requiring birthday, etc seemed a bit much.  Captcha was much more
difficult than usual too as several times I didn't know what it was
asking (it asked for flats and I didn't realize it meant apartment
buildings) or the pictures weren't clear.  On the good side bots won't
get past all of that.  On the bad side I gave up registering for now lol.

On 4/9/2017 5:28 PM, Marisa Giancarla wrote:
> Yes, it shows the files and descriptions, just does not have a download button and says that a login is required to download...
> Marisa
> ----

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