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Tue Apr 11 19:01:22 EDT 2017

> Before I go ahead, though, do you know anything about the age of your
donor backlights?

No, I don't. But they have probably been manufactured before 1997. I doubt
that Steve had more manufactured after he axed the Newton family.

But the age is not important. Backlight foils do not loose brightness due to
their age, but due to the time they have been used. Most eMate backlights I
have seen are much better than those of 2x00 Newtons. I guess this is
because the Newtons have been used way more often. Most eMates have been
used in schools, so they haven't been used all day like many Newtons.

> I figure that getting another ripe old backlight is only thing to be
potentially disappointed about.

I hardly ever sell spare parts that I wouldn't without hesitation put into a
Newton or eMate I intend to sell. If I do, I make people clearly aware of
this fact while their purse is still safely tucked away :-)

But, of course, everyone's entitled to his own definition of a good
backlight, so if you don't like it, all you would lose is the cost of stamps
for posting it to you and back.

> when the hinges finally go, I at least won't have to worry about a
punctured display cable.

That's true. Fixing hinges is much easier than fixing ribbon cables :-)



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