[NTLK] Love Letter to Newton Movie

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Tue Apr 18 15:34:38 EDT 2017

> I would really like to complete the film and release it online by February 27th, 2018, the 20-year anniversary of the discontinuation of Newton.

I love this idea. A fairly tight schedule, though.

> What I would really appreciate is some feedback on the crowdfunding video here:

Very well done. It has a nice pace and you're a natural at presenting the background information. The fact that you're a Newton fan gives the project extra credence and authenticity. You're not just some documentary filmmaker who stumbled across a "curious community of oddballs" ... not that there's anything wrong with curious communities of oddballs.

> http://lovelettertonewton.moosefuel.media/video/ as well as feedback about the name of the film and the concept in general, and if anyone wants to contribute video content or has any questions about how to.

One thought about the title ... since the film will be constructed from multiple snippets, interviews, b-roll, and so forth ... perhaps "Love Notes to Newton" might work a bit better. This emphasizes the individual contributions (multiple notes vs a single letter) and also connects to what is arguably the most common use of a Newton ... taking notes.

> If this is OT please let me know, but I am still really excited about this project and welcome any contributions or feedback on or off-list.

This is most certainly on topic! Let's keep this discussion going.


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