[NTLK] Newton MessagePad 2000 wireless

Fundamental Learning - Rob Moody robmoody at fundamental-learning.com
Wed Apr 19 08:03:58 EDT 2017

Hi all...after being a Newton owner since picking one up on eBay Australia way back in 2004 (original box and all bits, pieces and leaflets!)I haven't been without it. It even still holds all the original notes written when we started our self-publishing business! Just gotta love those PCMCIA memory cards! I've added a 2001 and eMate to the collection...Newton fever! Despite mastering and maintaining OS9 & OSX connection & syncing, in all these years I've never worked out wireless connectivity. Tried various clean installs, hard resets, minimal installs (as suggested on several sites), Orinoco Gold and Silver cards, using original Snow White Apple Airport Base Station hooked up to broadband router via Ethernet, the holy grail of Nethopper/Courier browsing & email has eluded me! Arrrgh! I've read every Newton site I could find with how to guides dozens of times over! I'm obviously missing something. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Rob Moody- Mac user since primary school and the IIc and IIe!

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